Edvard Grieg Selected Piano Works

Edvard Grieg was a very influential composer of Romantic music. Born in 1843, Bergen, Norway, he became a heightened figure of Norwegian nationalist and Romantic music. His mother taught him piano at an early age but he soon took off with it, studied at a conservatory and then went on to become a concert pianist all over northern Europe. Composers such as Liszt and Sibelius noticed his genius and praised him all over. In the end, this man was very highly regarded in the classical music scene. I first came to love him when I played his piece Notturno, and I fell in love with his music.

I've made 4 links worth of piano music. Some of it is played by Gerhard Oppitz and some is Eva Knardahl. Other pieces are played by other people, but I don't know their names. I don't think it really matters.

Part I:
- Humoresque, Op. 6, 3 parts.
- Album Leaf, Op. 28, 4 parts.
- Moods, Op. 73. 7 parts.

Part II:
- Four Piano Pieces, Op. 1.
- Piano Sonata in E minor, Op. 7. 4 parts.
- Ballade and Romances, 0p. 29. 2 parts.
- Selected Lyric Pieces:
- Lullaby
- I Love You
- Princess
- Mother's Pain
- First Desire
- The Poet's Heart
- Love

Part III:
- Random Lyric Pieces
Op. 12 - Arietta
- Waltz
- Watchman's Song
- Elves' Dance
- Folk Tune
- Norwegian Melody
- Albumleaf
- National Song
Op. 38 - Berceuse
- Folk Tune
- Melodie
- Halling
- Leaping Dance
- Elegie
- Waltz
- Canon
Op. 43 - Butterfly
- Loneley Wanderer
- In the Homeland
- Little Bird
- Erotik
- To the Spring
- Valse-Impromptu
- Album Leaf
- Melodie
- Halling
- Melancholy
- Leaping Dance
- Elegie

Part IV
Lyric Pieces
Op. 68 - Vision
Op. 71 - Once Upon A Time
- Summer Evening
- Puck
- Gone
- Nighttime
Op. 54 - March of the Trolls
- Notturno
- Scherzo
Op. 57 - Vanished Days
- Illusion
- Secret
- Homesick
Op. 62 - Brook
- Phantom
- Homeward
- Vision

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV


  1. Jesus Christ, your blog rapes. Good shit.

  2. Your blog is pretty amazing too, if I may.

  3. 2nd link is dead :( any chance you would re-up? pleeeeeeeaaaase?

  4. I don't know if I'm going to be able to re-up the 2nd link only, I don't have those pieces as single tracks anymore.

    Any other Grieg you'd like me to upload?

  5. Ah that's ok, if it's too much trouble I can get by without part 2. The rest of the files opened and played, I was just worried that the whole set might be needed to unzip properly.(I've had that happen before from other blogs).
    I'm new to Grieg, I heard "Death of Aase" about a week ago and have become a little bit obsessed with it! Which I came across by accident via Sibelius' Symphony 4. 1st Mov.... Classical music is a new thing for me(I'm usually a narrowminded 60's garagepunk listener), but those two are just superb. Anything in a similar vein that you might recommend?? :)

  6. Wow, I have a lot actually! I would recommend Brahms' Second Piano Concerto, and nearly any piano pieces of Chopin's.

    "Death of Aase" is also one of my favorite Grieg pieces. It's from his Peer Gynt Suite, which I would recommend since some of the other pieces there are just as lovely.

    So that's just a start - there's more classical music out there than I can possibly imagine, but in terms of Grieg, Chopin and Brahms are good similarities :3