time is never time at all


it keeps going by, minute by minute.

in my experience it's always just day by day

by day

by day...

when the sky moves and the stars are suddenly in a different place, when i observe my shadow at the exact same time on two totally separate days, when i visit old friends that i haven't seen in months and months, and they tell me exactly how long it has been since the last time - 180 days, two years and two days exactly, etc... i feel like no time has passed and yet something irretrievable has been lost.

no time has passed because in that moment of reuniting the elements which were separated, whether it be two humans in the same room again after years or the same being at the same place on two different dates, what is said to have occurred in the space between those two elements might as well have not existed at all. what memory remains after the time has passed is only in the mind; a fickle place full of fickle and disparate ideas, intangibles.

are we all just living the same day over and over, and the only change that occurs is in us?

is there such a thing as linear progression, degradation, and are we all feeling it at the same rate? are we feeling it at all?

~ ♪ ~

i present to you one of the single most influential albums to my life, as well as one of the most beautiful i have yet heard in this life.

please enjoy!

森田童子 - A Boy (1997)

you will become my memory