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some fucking amazing creations by a Washington-based electronic artist, all released on the label beer on the rug.

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if you're thinking what i am thinking then yes, this is everything you've ever dreamed of and more.

new dreams ltd. initiation tape - part one
2011; 14 tracks

01     forever? (introduction, pt. 1)
02     midnight luvr (introduction, pt. 2)
03     timecop
04     neu fatale
05     drftrzz / dstryrzz
06     camaro
07     psr41
08     hydrocodone / prom night
09     you appeared / you didn’t
10     yr slave
11     meditations save me o lord
12     upper spheres of consciousness
13     rationalization
14     new life now! please


Here is the track "風船ガムBUBBLEGUM" from the album 札幌コンテンポラリー (2012).



Here is the track "ブート" from the album FLORAL SHOPPE (2011).


fuji grid tv - prism genesis
2011; 17 tracks

01    panasonic / hearing aid
02    ssun dreamss
03    change yr mind
04    toyota / waiting for you
05    slime ritual
06    cinemax / speak
07    fujifilm / cougar
08    black horse / white bitch midi
09    waterfall voyeur
10    mosaic 2.1 / demo
11    sharp vhs
12    warm life / legs
13    walkmann / lil babies
14    new life / cd player
15    hbo / pyro tv
16    heaven’s gate / sneak out!
17    disku system

esc 不在 - black horse/midi dungeon
2011; 2 discs, 23 tracks
part a: black horse
part b: midi dungeon
laserdisc visions

here is a track from the album new dreams ltd. (2011)


and my personal favorite project...


this is the world i dream about
maybe i'll see it soon.
anywhere but here


here is the track "seafoam island" from the album colour ocean road (2011).

Googoosh - Googoosh

2011; 11 tracks
Googoosh is Faegheh Atashin, an Iranian singer and actress who has been releasing pop albums since 1970 and is continuing to tour and spread her music throughout the world.

This release is a compilation of tracks that survived the destructive Iranian revolution of 1979, in which many of her pre-1980 songs and performances were hidden or banned, and sometimes even destroyed.


Satan Panonski - Nuklearne Olimpijske Igre

1990; 24 tracks
This is the second album by the highly interesting character Satan Panonski, or Ivica Čuljak, a Croatian punk icon. In 1977 at the age of 17 a wave of radical changes, both political and musical, found him in his village of Vinkovci, Croatia. In 1980, he became the singer of the punk band Pogreb X before moving on to write his own songs and start his punk project under the name Satan Panonski. Apparently he stayed in a Lipovican correctional home for three months to avoid military service, as well as pay his dues to the law, before being transferred to an asylum close to his hometown in 1977. Also apparently, he was killed as a soldier in war in 1992...

It's crazy and good.




How will we know if we're awake or if we're dreaming?

Who cares.


Thou - Summit

2010; 6 tracks
Thou is a prolific Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based doom/sludge/black metal group formed in 2005. They have continued to release several EPs and albums each year since their formation, and just this year have already released two splits.  

Summit is a fantastic record. The only album out of four releases in 2010, it is an absolute masterpiece... at least to me. I can't even explain my love for this album in words. I just can't.

For more information on the band's upcoming shows as well as visual and social elements of the band's activity, check out their website.


Anouar Brahem Trio - Astrakan Café

2001; 14 tracks
Here is a Tunisian collaborative release under the name Anouar Brahem Trio, which features the master oud (lute-like string instrument) player Anour Brahem accompanied by Barbaros Erköse on the clarinet and Lassad Honsi on both the bendir (Arabic frame drum) and darbouka (goblet drum).  

Astrakan Café is a deeply meditative release. As it dreamily floats among textures hinting at neo-classical and jazz, this caravan meditatively and elegantly re-imagines Arabic music.

01 Aube Rouge À Grozny
02 Astrakan Café Part
03 The Mozdok's Train
04 Blue Jewels
05 Nihawend Lunga
06 Ashkabad
07 Halfaouine
08 Parfum De Gitane
09 Khotan
10 Karakoum
11 Astara
12 Dar Es Salam
13 Hijaz Pechref
14 Astrakan Part 2



a sigh

since i was little, i listened to the classical station on the radio. the only things they played on this station were classical pieces, and there were next to no commercial breaks or advertisements. the only downside was that they often played the same things (not to my taste, i might add) over and over, causing me to turn it off in disappointment. i just can't listen to a classical piece that i don't like. i end up analyzing it out of boredom, noting to myself how predictable or boooring a passage or section or part was. trust me, i don't know very well why i like what i like, or what it even is that i like. anyway. on the flip side of that, every now and then magic would find me. my mother would call to me in my room to turn on the radio, either because it was something she had heard me play or some piece she found particularly beautiful. sometimes i would halfheartedly turn on my radio and something special would be on, something by ravel on the guitar, a recognizable brahms work, maybe even a shostakovich symphony. i remember often hearing rimsky-korsakov's scheherazade, and i loved it. at other times, a piece would be on that absolutely blew me away in beauty, and if i didn't know the name i would write down what time it had played and look up on the website what piece it was. i only did this a few times, and unfortunately i can only remember loving something by j. c. bach... can't recall the exact name, but i knew i loved it. maybe someday this piece will reach my ears once more, and i will be struck with the same interest? only time will tell.

THE POINT: about two years ago i woke up in the morning to franz liszt's 'un sospiro' being played on the piano. it was a little before the halfway mark at a slightly too soft volume, but the gentle notes entered my dreams before waking me up to reality, and it was lovely. i had just begun work on learning the piece, so that made it seem even more of a predestined moment. that day i felt overly special. i felt purposeful. i felt like my work was not a dream, but a real effort to something beautiful. i remember who the performer was, too: Jorge Bolet.

maybe now i cannot recall the precise impact of this recording on me, but that does not matter. it's just a memory that i want to keep, forever.
i am now learning a rachmaninoff ètude-tableau, one of my favorites in the entire world. it is, i'm guessing, a study in double notes. the entire melody is composed of two lines on top of one another. it is quite difficult, or it was... i hope at this point i have overcome the most difficult parts. i played it slowly not too long ago, very slowly, and some things were revealed to me. it reminds me of some shadowy figure circling a drain. some kind of inevitability, fatality about its search for the truth. circular tunnels leading to nowhere. what is ever solved?

If memories could be canned, would they also have expiration dates? If so, I hope they last for centuries.


Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Love is a Stream

2010; 12 tracks
Rough-edged bliss. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is a Californian multi-instrumentalist associated with the label Root Strata (home to artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Grouper, and Barn Owl) and the band Tarantel. Love is a Stream is his third full-length, among a variety of other electronic and drone/ambient releases. I love the texture of this album, it is both soft and rough. Static-filled and dreamy. Recommended if you enjoy the music of Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker.

where you end and i begin


Misha Mishajashvili - 2012

i am in love...

Iva Bittová & Vladimír Václavek - Bílé Inferno

1997; 13 tracks
This is something truly unique and truly incredible. A "hybrid of Björk and Yann Tierson" (just to give a certain kind of idea). It will probably become one of your most-played albums.  

Bílé Inferno combines the talents of Czech musicians Iva Bittová, an avant-garde violinist, singer, and composer, and Vladimír Václavek, a singer/songwriter and instrumentalist. They perform an interesting mix of darkwave, contemporary classical, traditional folk, classical classical, and experimental or avant-garde jazz. Bittová has a voice that is at once bell-like and as strong and warm as a thousand suns, singing fascinating fairytale words. All in all, you will not be disappointed with this.

01 Vzpomínka
02 Uspávanka
03 Sirka V Louži
04 Sto Let
05 Kdoule
06 Zelený Víneček
07 Moucha
08 Moře
09 Starý Mlýn
10 Je Tma
11 Churý Churůj
12 Zvon
13 Huljet



Scrawl - Velvet Hammer

1993; 12 tracks
Scrawl was an underrated grunge/shoegaze (I have no idea) three-piece band from Ohio formed in the late 80s by Marcy Mays (guitar, vocals), Sue Harshe (bass, vocals), and Dana Marshall (drums). I'm pretty sure they were discovered by Steve Albini, and their first show was a 20-minute opening for the Meat Puppets. Scrawl were active throughout the 90s, and Velvet Hammer was the band's fourth full-length. It is a simple, emotional record, containing an atmosphere potentially that of a "coming-of-age" story. I don't know. It's a river full of stories that I could relate to.

do you wanna scream?
do you wanna take a swing?

Part Chimp - Thriller

2009; 9 tracks
Thriller was the third album by the fairly new London noise rock band Part Chimp. Think Hey Colossus, Boris - Heavy Friends, Karp. Maybe even Electric Wizard. Think heavy, colossal, and drenched in space.
download / buy


Cease Upon the Capitol - Cease Upon the Capitol

2007; 10 tracks
Here are ten brief yet highly engaging untitled tracks by the Nashville, Tennessee emo violence/screamo band Cease Upon the Capitol.



Asylum Party - Borderline

1989; 14 tracks
Asylum Party was a French new-wave group from the 80s whose amazing talents were only put into two full-lengths, this being the first (although it contains material from a previously released mini-album). They sing in English, and the lyrics glide effortlessly inside your head. To listen to them is the most natural thing in the world.

You will probably never find a more beautiful new-wave/post-punk band on earth than Asylum Party, even if you tried. The Chameleons springs to mind as a possibility, but for some reason Asylum Party proves itself to be even more outstanding. I can't describe it, they just possess absolute magic and it shines through their songs.  "Sweetness... of Pain" is probably my favorite track, especially the last two minutes or so oboyoboyoboy.



Sun City Girls - Midnight Cowboys from Ipanema

1994; 20 tracks

Here is the Seattle-based experimental collective Sun City Girls technical third album, initially released on cassette in 1986 then reissued on LP in 1994 (and once more for CD in 96). It is essentially an album of covers, although about eleven of the tracks are original, mostly eerie spoken word tracks. A few of the tracks may leave your throat hurting.

Midnight Cowboys from Ipanema
is 'what happens when two boys get ahold of a portable cassette recorder with weak batteries.' I haven't listened to nearly enough SCG to give an educated response to this album, so from a plebeian's point of view, I would have to say that this is the most incredible thing I've heard in, perhaps, forever. These may not be completely original songs, but they are completely original renditions and transformations. I have only really heard "Who's that Lady" and "Tell Me Something Good" in their original versions before, but they have definitely undergone amazing mutations to become these warped, otherworldly-classic rock/psychedelic creations.

"Me and Mrs. Jones" is by far my favorite track on here, though. As I mentioned to a friend, it reminds me of basking in the smoke of a seedy Japanese café during the eighties, hearing it performed among a scattering of sunflowers. This album is really just beautiful in every way.

01 I've Done It All
02 Fly By Night (Written-by Geddy Lee, Neil Peart)
03 Achram, Slow That Speed Boat Down
04 Midnight At The Oasis (Written by David Nichtern)
05 Gary Had Sex
06 Sweet City Woman (Written by Rich Dodson)
07 I'm Gonna Die Tomorrow
08 Who's that Lady (Written by Chris Jasper, Ernie Isley, Marvin Isley, O'Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley)
09 Cook Ya Homos
10 Love Train (Written by Gamble & Huff)
11 Caco Demons
12 Malika
13 Radar Love (Written by Barry Hay, George Kooymans)
14 My Sperm
15 Brandy (Written by Elliot Lurie)
16 Canadian Dave
17 Tell Me Something Good (Written by Stevie Wonder)
18 Desperado
19 Me And Mrs. Jones (Written by Cary Gilbert, Gamble & Huff)
20 Ha Ha

we both know that it's wrong