Funland - Sweetness EP

1993; 7 tracks

Just another drop in the post-Nirvana ocean? You decide.

V. A. (Los- Jubilee) - Shefa Shefa (Wealth)

2010; 5 tracks

Los- Jubilee is a new Tel Aviv-based label, their name coming from a neighborhood in west Jerusalem and run by electronic artist Harel Schreiber (Mule Driver, Mujahideen and The Models). The music they release focuses on "raw electronic music, ranging from acid house to deep, unfunctional electronic sounds, while preserving both the liveliness and roughness of life."

Shefa Shefa (Wealth) is a field recording of two taxi drivers having a passionate discussion analyzing the behavior of local economic trends, social movements and the secrets of love. Mule Driver's opening track is a ghetto house version, using a repetitive sample of the dialogue which translate into "here we have plenty, plenty" (plenty also meaning "wealth"). Yair Etziony (False ind, Neo Ouija, Spekk) combines almost the entire recording on top of a dark ambient techno background. Rei Elbaz, DJ and a veteran producer, contributes an aggressive acid techno version. The compilation closes with "One Plus One," the first track by The Models in three years. The final track on the EP is the original field recording, meant to invite the listener to make a personal version. I only wish I could understand the meaning of what is being said in the field recording, but ah... well... I find this a very interesting compilation. 

01 Mule Driver - Shefa (wealth) 
02 Rei Elbaz - Shefa 
03 Yair Etziony - Here We Have Plenty, Plenty 
04 The Models - One Plus One 
05 Original Field Recording

HTRK, revisited

I just read this interview of the band in which Jonnine talks about the both creative and grief-filled process behind Work (Work, Work) and other topics. Sean Stewart, the band's bassist for their first two releases (Nostalgia and Marry Me Tonight) took his life in the early part of 2010. I did not even know this... Now I am looking at their latest work in a whole new light, a highly draining one.

This quote is amazing. Jonnine is talking about how Work (Work, Work) just built and built upon itself until this monument to their former bandmate was unearthed. 

"We recorded, produced, mixed and did everything in that space. We just hacked away at it for days, weeks, months, on end, in this isolated world we created for ourselves. We worked on whatever song we felt like that day and then compositions changed further once the order of the album was taking shape. We tried not to be corrupted by external influences or current trends in music. We hardly socialised or went out to see live music. We were aiming to make something timeless. Nigel was even trying not to pay attention to street advertising (laughs). For a lot of people, Work (Work Work) is just making sense now, and our music sometimes does take a while to sink in." 

They also mention some early plans for a new album. Needless to say, this is a band unlike all others.

I find the feeling of desire so cool and maybe more interesting than pleasure. I like to hold it there.


Death Grips - The Money Store

2012; 13 tracks

as you ALL hopefully know by now, Death Grips is a fairly new band who fucking rule. here is their latest... or a link to the pre-order at least. links up for free download can be found here.

i might like it better than exmilitary, their first album, but it's pretty hard to tell. enjoy.


video for "the fever (aye aye)" (warning: hnnnnnng)

This Deep Well

this is a really interesting project. pale cocoon is obviously a huge influence to the more ethereal/minimalist aspects of this deep well, but it is coincidentally full of sublime originality. beats and vocals and atmospheres both dreamy and edgy, touching and raw, magnificent and complex permeate what is marketed as an "electronic rock project." album: from, as well as other tracks on soundcloud that should not go unnoticed. thank you, o creator

download from