Ulver is possibly my favorite band. They started as black metal (Vargnatt, Bergtatt, Nattens Madrigal,) made a contemporary Norwegian folk album in between (Kveldsssanger,) and then made various styles of experimental electronic music. All the albums are good, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. If you haven't heard them, you're missing out on life. If you have heard them, but don't think they're that great, you're listening wrong.
Here's their discography. I recommend going through it from beginning to end.

Vargnatt (1993 demo)

Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler


Nattens Madrigal - Aatte Hymne til Ulven i Manden

Themes From William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (I'm making an exception for rapidshare this time, so I don't have to upload it myself)

Metamorphosis EP

Perdition City

Teachings in Silence (compilation combining the Silence teaches You How to Sing and Silence the Singing EPs)

Lyckantropen Themes

A Quick Fix of Melancholy

Svidd Neger

Blood Inside

Shadows of the Sun

Franklyn OST

This is the OST from Franklyn, a 2009 British movie from debut director Gerald McMorrow. Score composed by Joby Talbot, of Hitchhiker's Guide fame. I personally think this soundtrack is amazingly good. :3

imaginary childhood friends
art projects
lost children


Password: bi0f0raLL


Alexander Scriabin Complete Piano

Alexander Scriabin was the craziest, most wonderful person, and his music is defintely brilliant. A mystic who thoroughly believed in spiritual divinity mixed with music, and suspected of having the condition known as synesthesia, Scriabin was truly an uncommon character in the late 19th century Russian music scene. Fun fact: he often associated colors with notes and came up with a colorful "circle of fifths" that influenced much of his music.

More info.

I've put together a link that contains Scriabin's complete piano music, performed by Roger Woodward.




Death Ambient - Drunken Forest

Death Ambient is an experimental ambient project composed of Ikue Mori, Fred Frith, and Kato Hideki. The name of the band describes the sound of the music. Drunken Forest is their most recent album, and in my opinion, their best.



A Lily - Wake:Sleep

2006; 7 tracks

Amazing album, one of my favorites. It is the solo project of James Vella, from the post-rock band Yndi Halda. He wrote this album for his girlfriend, to help her sleep. It is incredibly beautiful. "You Are the Sun, Your Eyes Are the Sun" is the most perfect track ever.



Gorguts - Obscura

This is the best death metal album ever. I don't feel like saying anything more.



Deathspell Omega

This French black metal band is seminal in it's application of religious doom and existential terror. The lyrics to this music, alone, will be enough to provoke your thoughts to go on a nice frolic through the unending layers of purgatory and hell. This music is terrifying, thrilling, and strangely enchanting. Have fun.

Infernal Battles (2000)


Inquisitors of Satan (2002)


Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice (2004)


Kénôse EP (2005)


Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum (2007)


Chaining the Katechon (2008)




Today was certainly an odd day.

It's raining hard, and the metallic ping pongs of rainwater are sluicing their way through my head,
begging me to shut my eyes and pay full attention to their childish symphony of pitterpattering rain on sidewalks and mailboxes, soft cushioning falls on silky baby flower petals, new to spring.
They want me to imagine being one of them.
A raindrop, falling from the sky down to earth...
an unimaginable journey that must be frightening.

I wish I could fall millions of miles like that, not knowing where I'm going

Clear and tiny as peppercorns, they scatter through the gray sky like my thoughts at night, my sleepless nights.

I wish i could fall like those raindrops.


The Angelic Process

Macon, Georgia. 1999. 2 members.

Great band right here. Tragic story, though. It is a husband/wife duo (or was, rather...) MDragonfly is the woman. The main guitarist and songwriter, Kris Angylus, ended his life on April 26, 2008, due to a severe hand injury. This injury had hindered the band's progress in touring, composing, and playing for about a year, and without that ability Angylus saw no point in living...

Every release from The Angelic Process is truly exceptional. The music is deep, soul-deep, and will move you. It is powerful, it feels so heavy, like an ever-growing mountain being transmitted electronically into your ears, it pulls you down and lifts you up and transmits your strongest emotions into sound and space and color and oblivion. I swear this stuff is godly.

...And Your Blood Is Full Of Honey (2006)


1. Welcome To Oblivion 6:07
2. Mouvement - Humble Man 1:29
3. Worried Man 4:41
4. ...And Your Blood Is Full Of Honey 4:20
5. Mouvement - The Body In Its Space 1:04
6. The Ruined Life Of Someone Better 8:47
7. Hang Him Higher 4:24
8. Cages Of Blood And Bone 4:36

Coma Waering (2006)


1. My Blood Still Whispers 4:28
2. The Sun In Braids 4:44
3. Mouvement - The Flesh Is Weak 1:57
4. Crippled Healing 7:00
5. Coma Waering 9:20
6. Mouvement - The Rest Of The World Is Noise 2:23
7. Rid The Past By Dying 7:08
8. Mouvement - Shielded By Death / Suspended In Light 3:59

Sigh EP (2006)


1. Sigh 10:15
2. Trance To The Sun 6:48
3. Mouvement - With Mouthfulls Of Blood 1:11
4. The Black Ark 5:37

We All Die Laughing (2006)


1. We All Die Laughing 5:58
2. BleedBeliever 5:16
3. Mouvement - Soleil Et Noir 1:03
4. The Resonance Of Goodbye 5:13
5. How To Build A Time Machine 5:34
6. Mouvement - Every City Is A Prison 2:33

Weighing Souls With Sand (2007)


1. The Promise Of Snakes 9:32
2. Million Year Summer 3:52
3. The Resonance Of Goodbye 5:14
4. We All Die Laughing 6:05
5. Dying In A-Minor 8:19
6. Weighing Souls With Sand 5:19
7. Mouvement - World Deafening Eclipse 1:59
8. Burning In The Undertow Of God 6:46
9. Mouvement - The Smoke Of Her Burning 4:16

Secret Chiefs 3

Oh hey, my name is raz0rwire, and I will be contributing music to this blog here.

And for my first post... Secret Chiefs 3. A band founded by the guitarist of Mr. Bungle (who's music I'll probably post at a later date.) I would like to tell you what genre they play, but that's a bit of a challenge. It's sort of an experimental rock take on Persian music (okay, that description sucked.) Really good stuff, so don't let my poor description stop you from downloading this stuff.

First Grand Constitution and Bylaws

Hurqalya: Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws

Book M

Book of Horizons

Xaphan: Book of Angels Volume 9

Traditionalists: Le Mani Destre Recise Degli Ultimi Uomini

Dmitri Shostakovich

Everyone know who he is? Well, if not, he's pretty much the God of music. Here's a picture of him at a younger age:

Yes, he does rather look like Harry Potter, doesn't he?

Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1906. He was quite an ambitious character, even at an early age, and is considered one of the greatest Soviet composers. He was a "Child of the Russian Revolution," born right in the thick of a national revolution, a turbulent time that greatly influenced this young Russian's powerful music. His 15 symphonies are exceptional, every single one, but at the moment I do not own all of them :( I hope to upload them very soon in the future, for they are absolutely necessary listening for all Shostakovich "fans."

Also, he was not a Communist, no matter what you say.

I could go on for hours about this guy, but here's a link just to get started. I'm preeeetty sure it includes all of his piano music (mainly study pieces, nothing remarkable) and chamber music (a little more interesting).

The Complete Chamber and Piano Music of Dmitri Shostakovich


Btw, this is a really fucking huge file. Deal with it.


Oh my GOD. An extreme amount of cuteness = Pajama pop :3

Based in: Nagoya, Japan.

Husband/wife duo Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida create extremely minimalist, but also cute and adorable blend of electronica and indie-pop.It is the ultimate pajama party mix. Or, the ultimate bathtime music, or whatever you want to call it. I love it, and Plays Pajama Pour Vous is one of my favorite electronic albums in the universe.

My Petit Melodies

2003; 20 tracks


Computer Recital

2003; 10 tracks


Music For Apartments

2003; 3 tracks


Little Songs About Raindrops

2004; 10 tracks


The Bedtime Beat EP

2008; 10 tracks


Songs That Spin in Circles

2009; 10 tracks


Les Georges Leningrad

I just found out about this Canadian experimental band the other day and ooooh my god! It's fantastic. My favorite album so far is Sur Les Traces de Black Eskimo.

Sangue Puro (2006)
This album title is Italian for "Pure Blood."

1. Sangue Puro 6:09
2. Skulls in the Closet 2:59
3. Scissorhands 3:21
4. Ennio Morricone 3:20
5. Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani 3:47
6. Mammal Beats 2:22
7. Sleek Answer 4:10
8. Mange Avec Tes Doigts 1:55
9. Lonely Lonely 2:24
10. The Future for Less 9:07


Sur Les Traces de Black Eskimo (2004)

1. Missing Gary 4:28
2. Sponsorships 3:15
3. Black Eskimo 3:06
4. Nebraska's Valentine 3:25
5. Umiarjuaq 2:23
6. Wunderkind #2 2:27
7. Supa Doopa 3:47
8. St. Mary's Memorial Hall 4:59
9. Pekin Pekin 2:40
10. Richard 0:55
11. Fifi F. 3:21
12. Comment te Dire Adieu? 3:59


Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou (2003)

1. Caamcknenechn 3:28
2. Lollipop Lady 3:32
3. Bad Smell 3:06
4. Georges V 4:11
5. Chienne 2:53
6. Didi Extra 3:46
7. Prince R. 1:04
8. Wunderkind 2:01
9. Unimperméable (Mouillé des Côtés) 3:01
10. Cocktail Vampire 5:13
11. Constantinople (The Residents cover) 1:16
12. My Santropic 4:22
13. We are All 11:17


password: nodata.tv



is amazing

Contagious Orgasm

Voltage Controlled Filter

1193; 6 tracks


Dessert Addicts Will Return To This

2004; 11 tracks


Illegal Sources

2006; 11 tracks


Confessions of Mannequin

1988; 8 tracks


Auto SE-ID 00

1999; 7 tracks


Flows Out

2003; 8 tracks



Igor Wakhévitch

Igor Wakhévitch was born in France, but his name seems very Russian to me. His music is ingenious, not quite classical but not quite electronic either. He is a master of ambience + weird submelodies connected to hanuting boy's choirs in addition to synthesizers. Wakhévitch is generally considered one of the most revered of all avant-garde electronic artists in the 70s. This music is ORIGINAL and FANTASTIC. He produced a short burst of albums in the 70s. The sad part about all of this is that he hasn't been heard of since :\ .

Interesting info: Igor Wakhévitch studied the piano under the guidance of the composer Olivier Messiaen. He spent a short period at the GRM of Pierre Scheaffer in 1968. He discovered Maurice Bejart, met Pink Floyd and Soft Machine, worked with Terry Riley and composed the music of the Opera-Poem by Salvador Dali "Etre Dieu" in 1974.

I have the complete discography here. If you want something obscure, check this out.

Logos - Ritual Sonore(1970)


Docteur Faust(1971)


Hathor (1973)


Le Fous D'Or (1973)




Let's Start (1979)