30,000 Monkies - Womb Eater Wife Beater

2011; 5 tracks

So fucking incredible. This is like seriously the most amazing thing you will ever hear in your lifetime.

30,000 Monkies is a Belgian four-piece noise rock/stoner metal band, and this was their debut EP. They have some Electric Wizard and some Earth in their sound but mostly this is like the next level of amazing stoner/noise rock.

loris' terrify lab


Naked on the Vague - Sad Sun

2007; 5 tracks

This cover you see here is what happens when you try to extract more information from less information, for better or for worse.

Naked on the Vague is a mysterious Australian two-piece band who make mostly minimalist noisy new wave music with the occasional art rock elements. The singer is also a girl with a really low voice, so I'd say this is very similar to HTRK.

Sad Sun was one of Naked on the Vague's first releases, and in the past 4 years they have released a number of other EPs and full-lengths (two EPs came out last year). Theirs is a ritualistic and depressive yet sexy and rhythmic noise, and for those reasons I was hooked.


Snapper - Snapper EP

1988; 4 tracks

I posted this on my facebook page (yeah.) but I believe that it bears repeating, and it's as obscvre as fvck so why not.

This is the first release by New Zealand-based kiwi pop band (Flying Nun!!) Snapper. My friend so nicely described it as "desertkrautgaze." After this Snapper went on to release two full-lengths and a couple more EPs then descended back into their cave, because they are snappers and those are fish and fish like the darkness, like me, i like darkness and i only like music that is sad as balls

but this isn't sad

death and weirdness in the surfing zone

Deleted Scenes - Young People's Church of the Air

2011; 11 tracks

Really lovely and uplifting noisy/indie pop rock. I really didn't know how I would feel about this but I can safely say it is a safely fun and inventive album. So be safe.

Deleted Scenes is a pop rock (I dislike this term, but it fits + (some noise)) duo from Maryland founded in 1998. From what I can tell, this is their second full-length, the first being released about 3 years ago.

My favorite tracks were "Bedbedbedbedbed," "Nassau," and "The Demon & the Hurricane." These are all god-tier tracks.

Young People's Church of the Air is totally Animal Collective-worship. Or any band that sounds like that. Just a precaution, or a friendly reminder, if you will. They would do better constructing warm, sad, rainy lo-fi songs out of the poppiness of their more AC-sounding songs. Actually I don't know anything forget it.

the sky is reflecting on the ocean floor

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - Pink

1979; 7 tracks

I'm having a lot of trouble believing this came out in 1979. Nothing comes even close to the sheer corrosiveness of their sound. I am really in love, and I don't care how many times I say that.

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks was a post-punk/new wave/experimental noise band from New York active during the last few years of the 70s, founded by James Chance and Lydia Lunch.

Pink, or the band's self-titled EP, combines material from two of their preceding EPs: Orphans (1978), and Baby Doll (1979) with two tracks from a live recording of the band in the fall of 1977 (now to be found on the release Live At Max's Kansas City 1977).

It's all very, very short. Their entire discography is a little over 18 minutes. I like it that way, however. Succinct brutality is the sweetest.

gnaw my ankles and gnaw my bones
Today is the penultimate day of February.

I haven't posted that much lately because I am beginning to wonder if what I am doing is such a good thing.

I have been listening to lots of music and writing down lots of thoughts regarding it all.

I have been meeting new people and feeling new things.

I have been doing boring but necessary things.

I have also done boring and unnecessary things.

I have been angry at myself, in love, and sad.

I have been neglecting things.

I have not been spending enough time on some things. Never the other way around.

I have been forgetting lots of things. Important things.

Maybe if I can list everything out, I have found something special.

Or maybe not.


Speed, Glue & Shinki - Eve

2010 (1971); 7 tracks
hey you wanna buy some speed? you wanna buy some speed?

Here is the debut album by Japanese progressive/psychedelic rock trio Speed, Glue & Shinki.

Eve was originally released on June 25, 1971 but has since been digitally remastered, which is the version I give you.

Some of last.fm's ever-insightful artist description:

"With Kabe's crunching atonal bass runs and Smith's stop-start rhythms creating a unique foundation for Shinki Chen's euphoric blues, combined with Smith's dangerous outlaw lyrics and caustic Iggy Pop-like vocal asides, gave the band an edge that no other Japanese band could (or would have wished to) achieve.

They took their name from Kabe's love of sniffing Marusan Pro Band glue and Joey Smith's obsession with amphetamines, as evidenced by the lyrics of many Speed, Glue & Shinki songs (all lyrics being written and sung by Smith)."

"Eve is a bluesy, psychedelic album, with Chen's Hendrix-style guitar playing firmly underpinned by Smith's insistent percussion style modelled on the playing of his idol, Ginger Baker."

I don't fucking know. I just really love it. It's hazy and reminiscent of some lost era.

イヴ 前夜


Xrin Arms - Scumbag Summer Mixtape

2011; 15 tracks

this is... quite possibly... no... without a doubt... the greatest... rap mixtape... of all.... time....

if there was ever a way in heaven or hell that i could have sex with this i would. i love the rapping, i love the beats, i love the lyrics, i love the track names, i love their voices i love their randomness i i i


01 Toxic Dreaming
02 Lucifer's Helm
03 Peyote Buttons (featuring p.WRECKS)
04 Purple Aura (featuring p.WRECKS)
05 We Are Nightmares (featuring p.WRECKS)
06 Cactus Juice Bloodtype
07 Virgin Hologram
08 Under Rocks (featuring AZl, Tahkid)
09 Busted Shutters (featuring K. Clifton, p.WRECKS)
10 Wasteland (featuring Guttah Face)
11 Intimate Reflection
12 Bright Lights (Guide Me)
13 Xenia Washington
14 Eyes Of The Shitstorm (featuring p.WRECKS)
15 Buzzard Feathers

psychedelic rap coffin


Mi Ami - Steal Your Face

2010; 6 tracks

It is thundering outside...

Oh yeah, this album is so so so so so so so so goddamn incredible. Honestly. It is energetic and all over the place, pulsating with some indefinable, attractive chaos. The frantic sounds edge around psychedelia and a constant, steady beat keeps it moving. The vocals, which by the way are unforgettable, reminded me of Les Georges Leningrad. They're the kind that grate against your ears but leave you begging for more.

Mi Ami is a San Francisco-based noise rock/experimental trio founded in 2007. They've been releasing EPs and 12"'s since 2008, and Steal Your Face is their second album of three (the latest one being from 2011). Fuck everything else on your to-do list today or lack thereof and listen to this album now.

Something else that I admire about this band. They have very nice track names which are ordered in such a way that they seem to... need each other...? lkdwnn told me about this, so thanks @ him.

01 Harmonics (Genius of Love)
02 Latin Lover
03 Dreamers
04 Secrets
05 Native American (Born in the U.S.A.)
06 Slow

* Listen

* Download link taken down upon request.


when you don't give a fuck anymore and you listen to giles corey - no one is ever going to want me on repeat for 72 hours


a present

Today I woke up to find in my mailbox something very unexpected. An MP3 player full of music.

* A Place to Bury Strangers - A Place to Bury Strangers
Exploding Head
* A Winged Victory for the Sullen - A Winged Victory for the Sullen
* Aucan - Aucan
* Bastro - Antlers
Sing the Troubled Beast / Diablo
* Battles - EP B

* Bedhead - Beheaded
The Dark Ages
Transaction De Novo
What Fun Life Was

Ben Houge - Arcanum Soundtrack
Bestial Mouths - Stable Vices
Beton Brut - Brut Unison//
* Big Black - Atomizer
Songs About Fucking

* Big'n - Cutthroat
Discipline Through Sound
Spare the Horses

* Big'n + Oxes - Split
* Bitch Magnet - Ben Hur
* Black Cock - Robot Child with a God Complex
* Blonde Redhead - Fake Can Be Just as Good
* Bluetile Lounge - Half-Cut

* Bossk - .1
.2 EP

* Brainiac - Hissing Prigs in Static Couture
* Breadwinner - The Burner
* Breeders - Pod
* C4AM95 (The Fucking Champs) - III
* Celebration - Celebration
Hello Paradise
The Modern Tribe

* Cherubs - Heroin Man
Love & Napalm
Pink Party Desert 7"
Short of Popular

* Cheval de Frise - Cheval de Frise
* Chevreuil - Capoeira
* Circus Lupus - Solid Brass
Super Genius

* Colossamite - All Lingo's Clamor
Economy of Motion

* Come - Don't Ask Don't Tell
Near Life Experience

* Conifer - Crown Fire
* Craw - Bodies for Strontium 90
Last Nation Road
Map, Monitor, Surge

* Dazzling Killmen - Face of Collapse

* Dead Elephant - Lowest Shared Descent
* Desafinado - Desafinado
* Don Caballero - 2
* Drive Like Jehu - Yank Crime
* Drunkdriver - Born Pregnant
Knife Day 7"
My Chinese Sister

* Egg Hunt - Egg Hunt
* Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics...
Let Us Prey

* Ex Wives - A Collection of Shit
Stave / Diktat

* Fever Ray - Fever Ray
* Fugazi - Steady Diet of Nothing
* Ganger - Hammock Style
* Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada
* Gorge Trio - Dead Chicken Fear No Knife
Open Mouth, O Wisp

* Harvey Milk - A Small Turn of Human Kindness
Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men (+ Live)
Harvey Milk
Life... The Best Game in Town
My Love is Higher than Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be
Special Wishes
The Pleaser (+ Live)
The Singles

* Have A Nice Life - The Future
The Plow that Broke the Plains
Time of Land

* Hey Colossus - Eurogrumble, Vol. 1
Happy Birthday

* High on Fire - Blessed Black Wings
Death is This Communion

* HTRK - Eat Yr Heart ♥ Sweetheart 12" single
Marry Me Tonight
Work (Work, Work)

* Ikue Asazaki - Shimayumuta

* Jaks - Here Lies the Body of Jaks
* Johnboy - Calyx
Claim Dedications
Love & Napalm

* Joy Division - Heart and Soul, Discs 1-4
* June of 44 - Engine Takes to the Water
The Anatomy of Sharks
Tropics and Meridians

* Keelhaul - Triumphant Return to Obscurity
* King Crimson - Red (2009 Reissue)
* Knot Feeder - Light Flares
* Kraftwerk - Autobahn (2009 Remaster)
Radio-Activity (2009 Remaster)
The Man-Machine (2009 Remaster)
Tour De France

* Labradford - Fixed:Content
* Lake of Dracula - Sinraft (Live)
* Life Without Buildings - Any Other City
Live at the Annandale Hotel

* Loincloth - Demo
* Love Life - Here is Night, Brothers, Here the Birds Burn
Hex it Out 7"
The Rose He Lied By

* Lungfish - Feral Hymns
Love is Love
Sound in Time
The Unanimous Hour

* M83 - Before Dawn Heals Us
Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
Saturdays = Youth

* Making - Demo

* Mayyors - Deads
* Mazey Fade - Secret Watchers Built the World
* Melvins - Lysol
* Menfolk - Beast One/Man Nil

* Midget - Half Life - A Serum Compilation
The Toggle Switch
Total Abandonment of Better Understanding
Vagus Wandering

* Monorchild - Who Put Out the Fire?
* Mt. Eeerie - Dawn
* My Disco - Collapse of an Erratic Lung
Language of Numbers
Little Joy

* New Brutalism - 2001-2003
Actual Record
Brut Unison//
Personal Record

* Ocean - Pantheon of the Lesser
* Old Man Lady Luck - Old Man Lady Luck
* Om - Conference of the Birds
God is Good
Variations on a Theme

* Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica
* Ox Scapula - Hands Out
Lax USA Cop
Split w/ Conger Conger

* Oxes - Oxes
* Palace Music - Arise Therefore
* Papaye - La Chaleur
* Passe Montagne - Oh My Satan
* Pissed Jeans - Hope for Men
King of Jeans

* Public Image Ltd. - Public Image: First Issue
Second Edition

* Rachel Grimes - Book of Leaves: For Solo Piano
* Rachel's - Music for Egon Schiele
The Sea and the Bells

* Rapeman - Barbue
Inki's Butt Crack
Two Nuns and a Pack Mule

* Ricaine - Intore: The Cold Grey Rain
Regret Is an Inevitable Consequence
The Clarity of Distance

* Rockets Red Glare - Moonlight Desires
Rockets Red Glare

* Rodan - Aviary

* SCUL HAZZARDs - Landlord
Let them sink

* Sea Scouts - Beacon of Hope
* Shannon Wright - Over the Sun
Secret Blood

* Sharpie Crows - Mass Grave
Sharpie Crows (Greed)

* Shellac - At Action Park
Extraneous Material
The Finger is the Most Popular Finger
The Rude Gesture (A Pictorial History)

* Shipping News - Flies the Fields
One Less Heartless to Fear
Save Everything
Very Soon & in Pleasant Company

* Shoppers - Silver Year
* Shorty - Fresh Breath
Thumb Days

* Six Finger Satellite - Law of Ruins
Severe Exposure

* Skull Kontrol - Deviate Beyond All Means of Capture

* Sleep - Dopesmoker
Sleep's Holy Mountain
Volume One
Volume Two EP

* Slint - -

* Soldat Brut - Brut Unison//
* Stats - Crowned

* Steve Moore - The Henge
* Still Corners - Creatures of an Hour
Don't Fall in Love/Wish 7"
Remember Pepper?

* STNNNG - Dignified Sissy
Fake Fake
Smoke of My Will

* Storm & Stress - Storm & Stress
Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights

* Table - Table
* Tar - Clincher
Over and Out

* The 90 Day Men - (It (Is) It) Critical Band
1975 - 1977 - 1998

* The Cure - Pornography
* The For Carnation - Promised Works
The For Carnation

* The Fucking Champs - 7"

* The Juan Maclean - DFA Compilation #1
Less than Human
The Future Will Come

* The Knife - Deep Cuts
Silent Shout
The Knife

* The Loved Ones - Magic Box
* The Monorchid - Let Them Eat...
* The New Flesh - Parasite!

* The Scissor Girls - Here Is The 'Is - Not'
We People Space with Phantoms

* The Sight Below - Glider
It All Falls Apart

* The Sonora Pine - II
The Sonora Pine

* Three Second Kiss - Long Distance
* Tormenta - Demo
La ligne apre

* Tortoise - Tortoise
* Trans Am - The Surveillance
Trans Am

* Trans Champs - Double Exposure
* True Widow - A.H.A.T.H.H.A.F.T.C.T.T.C.O.T.E.
True Widow

* Truman's Water - Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox & Ass
* U.S. Maple - Acre Thrills
Long Hair in Three Stages
San Phat Editor

* Valina - A Tempo! A Tempo!
* VILLA BRUT - Brut Unison//
* Void - Faith/Void
Sessions 1981-83

* Weakling - Dead as Dreams
* White Tornado - Split w/ Colossamite
From Hand to Mouth

* Zeni Geva - Nai-Ha/Superunit
Vast Impotentz MC

It is mostly loud boy music, as you can see.

Where should I start?


Lucrate Milk - La Rage Qui Vit

1991; 20 tracks

As a bizarre French punk band who incorporate jazz, punk, and even some classical into their shrieking, riotous sound, Lucrate Milk is a band most people haven't heard of, but love once they do. I think. Here is a compilation of tracks from a 1983 split with MKB Fraction Provisoire, a 1983 EP entitled Nepla Relou, and their 1987 full-length I Love You Fuck Off. Enjoy.


The Body - 2008 Tour CD-R

2008; 4 tracks
Here is a self-released compilation of 4 live covers done by the Providence, Rhode Island doom metal/sludge band, The Body. I love the first and last tracks a whole lot.

01 Do They Owe Us a Living? (Crass)
02 Tired of Being Alive (Danzig)
03 Police Story (Black Flag)
04 Black Boys on Mopeds (Sinnead O'Connor)



Yacøpsæ – Discoregraphy

2006; 2 discs

Here is a collection of collection of splits, EPs, compilation tracks and extras dated from 1986 to 2005. Yacøpsæ were a powerviolence/grind/fastcore band from Hamburg formed in 1990.

If you're looking for material from Tanz, Grosny, Tanz... (my personal favorite), click here.

Disc 1
- Rehearsal 2, Early September 1990; 13 tracks
- Rehearsal 3, Early September 1990; 1 track
- 1st Demo Tape, 1991; 20 tracks
- Interview with Mit Pattex, Recorded June 6, 1991; 1 track
- Live In Hamburg, Germany / August 31, 1991; 2 tracks
- Krank Ist Normal 7", 1993; 20 tracks
- Rehearsal May 29, 1994; 3 tracks
- Split 7" EP w/ Active Minds, 1994; 6 tracks
- Outtakes Split 7" EP w/ Active Minds, 1994; 3 tracks
- Live In Diest, Belgium / January 1, 1995; 3 tracks
- Split 7" EP w/ Inner Conflict, 1995; 8 tracks
- Rehearsal, February 1996; 1 track
- V/A Zapata Vive La Lucha Sigue 12" LP, 1996; 3 tracks
- Split 7" EP w/ Vaseline, 1996; 8 tracks
- Untitled; 3 tracks

Disc 2
- V/A Herzogszene CD, 1996; 1 track
- Outtakes V/A Herzogszene CD, 1996; 3 tracks
- Rehearsal, August 8, 1996; 1 track
- Rehearsal, November 14, 1996; 1 track
- Rehearsal, Summer 1998; 3 tracks
- V/A No Speed Limit Vol. 2 CD, 1998; 4 tracks
- Split 7" EP w/ Bizarre X, 1998; 5 tracks
- Split 5" EP w/ Deep, 1998; 1 track
- V/A Onslaught 7" EP, 1998; 1 track
- V/A Music Against The Human Race 2 12" LP + 7" EP, 1998; 1 track
- V/A We Don't Care About The Haircut 12" LP, 1999; 1 track
- Split Picture 10" LP w/ Rot, 1999; 5 tracks
- Split 7" EP w/ Tumult, 1999; 6 tracks
- V/A The Bloodbath Is Coming 2x7" EP, 1999; 1 track
- Split 9" EP w/ Deep + Weezer, 2001; 1 track
- Outtake Split 9" EP w/ Deep + Weezer, 2001; 1 track
- Split 7" EP w/ Fuck On The Beach, 2002; 7 tracks
- Live In Istanbul, Turkey / March 16, 2003; 1 track
- EA 80 Vorsicht Schreie Picture 12" LP, 2003; 1 track
- Outtakes EA 80 Vorsicht Schreie Picture 12" LP, 2003; 2 tracks
- Untitled; 10 tracks
- Böser Buben Club, Zeitvertreib 1986; 1 track
- Untitled; 4 tracks



Mix No. 15 - come, pink dinosaur (let us fight our way to the next club)

01 kyü - Trains
02 The Body - Do They Owe Us a Living? (Crass)
03 Helios Creed - Flying Through the Either
04 Vampire Rodents - Cartouche
05 Pudding ALaMode - 問題のある私たち
06 Lucrate Milk - Kepon Destroy
07 Slowdive - Sleep (Vocal)
08 Rosetta - Départe/Deneb


ZGA - Riga

1989; 19 tracks

Abstract industrial from Russia.

"Amplified metal debris."

Fragmented and disjointed.

Abrasive, improvisatory.



Pain Teens - Destroy Me, Lover

1993; 10 tracks

For the first post of February, here is Destroy Me, Lover, one of the final full-lengths recorded by the Houston, Texas experimental noise rock band Pain Teens. Pain Teens formed in 1985 by Bliss Blood and Scott Ayers, and Bliss sings on nearly every track. She reminds me of Jarboe (Swans), but for some reason I feel like she would do well singing for Electric Wizard or something. She also has some Lady Gaga moments (that's not a bad thing!) Her menacing low female voice that I love so much - that's what makes this album, for me. Not to mention the incredibly heavy and distorted guitars, and just everything. Um.

I really, really feel like Destroy Me, Lover is what I've been searching for for a long time. I love this album on such a level that I didn't even know I could even feel something this strong. Well, yes I am being quite serious.