uSSSy - Karpet Birch

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Noise-rock with a hella tribal vibe. (src)

This is the greatest thing I have heard in FOR. FUCKING. EVER. uSSSy is a noise rock duo from Moscow, Russia with intense folk and traditional music influences. As far as I can tell, through my amazing researching skills,  they use quite a number of folk instruments to create their sound. Posted on their facebook is evidence of instruments such as the tanbur, a long plucked instrument originating in Persia, as well as the daf drum, also used in Persian music. Check out their tumblr (link below) if you're so inclined, they post almost exclusively old/ancient instruments from Central Asia/the Middle East, which might tell you a little bit about how interesting they are as musicians. So, if you have a good ears, maybe you'll pick up on these sounds and more in the album. Who knows, it's all incredibly cool.

My favorite track is currently the first, "oi tam na gori," but I've been loving every song on here. This isn't the most informative write-up, but the music really speaks for itself. I encourage you all to give to this band whatever you have or are willing to, especially through their bandcamp, as well as partake in their wonderful music-making.



m b v

Guys, this album is bloody brilliant. The first album in 22 years, and My Bloody Valentine has managed to make something wholly unique and of it own, utilizing their characteristic dissonant and noisy sparkle, AND that is completely unlike anything being made today. It honestly sounds like Loveless, extended (though with differences). It's incredibly dreamlike and harshly noisy, which as you might guess are two total opposites, but they work to create the aesthetic that captured so many's attention over the course of 20 years. There might not be as many catchy, songlike songs as on its predecessor, but M B V certainly has enough pure beauty to go around. I was in awe at some of the things I heard on this. I mean, like I said, it's fucking brilliant. The closer will more than likely leave you transfixed, if not speechless. It's that wonderful...

"She Found Now" and "In Another Way" are my favorite tracks.

So, buy it, download it, whatever you have to do to listen to it, then never stop.