Cécile Chaminade - Piano Music

Cécile Chaminade was a French composer and pianist, mostly of Romantic and Impressionist music. The New Grow Dictionary of Music and Musicians wrongly describes her music in this brief entry: "Notwithstanding the real charm and clever writing of many of Chaminade's pieces they do not rise above drawing room music." This is quite insulting to a woman of such impish talent, such magnificent piano-playing skills. I urge you to listen to her piano music and tell me whether or not you agree with that assessment of her music. My personal favorite is the Scarf Dance, or Pas des éscharpes, Op. 37.

Chaminade: Piano Works, Played by Eric Parkin.

1991; 20 tracks

1. Pierrette, Op.41, Allegretto
2. Contes bleus No. 2, Op. 122, Andante sostenuto
3. Minuetto, Op. 23. Allegro
4. Danse créole, Op. 94, Allegretto
5. Sérénade. Op. 29, Moderato
6. Air de ballet, Op. 30
3 Romances sans paroles, from Six Romances sans paroles, Op. 76)
7. No. 1: Souvenance, Andantino
8. No. 3: Idylle, Allegro moderato
9. No. 6: Méditation, Lento
10. Autrefois, Op. 87, Andante
11. Guitare, Op. 32, Allegretto
12. Sous le masque, Op. 116, Allegro capriccioso
13. Pas des sylphes: Intermezzo, Andante
14. Automne, Op. 35, Lento
15. La Lisonjera, Op. 50, Moderato molto capriccioso
16. Air à danser, Op. 164, Ben tranquillo
17. Pas des éscharpes, Op. 37, (Troisiéme Air de ballet)
18. Toccata, Op. 29, Presto
19. Valse arabesque, Allegro vivo capriccioso ben catando
20. Lolita (Caprice espagnol), Op. 54, Allegro vivo


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