Alan Hovhaness Harp Music

Alan Hovhaness was an extremely prolific American/Armenian composer of contemporary classical and neo-classical music. Here I have an album compiling his most famous music for harp, as well as flute, cello, guitar, and a giant tam-tam. The harp in these pieces is played by none other than Yolanda Kononassis. Kondonassis is an amazing harpist, certainly one of the greatest in the entire world. Her interpretation of music is utterly stunning, and I highly recommend listening to this haunting compilation of Hovhaness' harp music. As Last.fm perfectly notes, the music of Hovhaness is "reverential, mystical, and nostalgic." Indeed, his music has a certain holiness to it - his use of experimenting modal harmonies and folk rhythms (most prominent in "Spirit of Trees") will certainly arouse tranquility in the heart. I've used this CD to fall asleep many, many times... and it always works.

2000; 21 tracks

1-5. "Spirit of Trees," Sonata for Harp and Guitar, Op. 374..
6-10. Concerto for Harp and String Orchestra, Op. 267
11. "Upon Enchanted Ground" for Flute, Cello, Giant Tam-Tam and Harp, Op. 90, No. 1
12-14. Sonata for Harp, Op. 127
15-21. "The Garden of Adonis," Suite for Flute and Harp, Op. 245


:\ I spelled his name wrong in the file description, my apologies.