Autumn's Grey Solace - Over the Ocean

2004; 12 tracks

I've really been meaning to put this amazing album up for a long time, but I sort of put it off in search of new music. Now, I'm re-listening to it, and I really must post it. Autumn's Grey Solace is a dream-pop/shoegaze band from the United States. Out of their entire discography, I believe that this album, Over the Ocean, is their greatest, most flawless album. It encompasses pretty much everything I believe a dream-pop album should - the ethereal eloquence of a beautiful female voice, along with the natural elements of the ocean and the soft mandolin in the background.

The most amazing thing about this album, however, is the final track. "Over the Ocean." It is without a doubt one of the most stunning pieces of music I have ever heard in my life - come enjoy it with me pls.

Sinking into my bed,
Hoping to be left behind

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