Sun City Girls - Midnight Cowboys from Ipanema

1994; 20 tracks

Here is the Seattle-based experimental collective Sun City Girls technical third album, initially released on cassette in 1986 then reissued on LP in 1994 (and once more for CD in 96). It is essentially an album of covers, although about eleven of the tracks are original, mostly eerie spoken word tracks. A few of the tracks may leave your throat hurting.

Midnight Cowboys from Ipanema
is 'what happens when two boys get ahold of a portable cassette recorder with weak batteries.' I haven't listened to nearly enough SCG to give an educated response to this album, so from a plebeian's point of view, I would have to say that this is the most incredible thing I've heard in, perhaps, forever. These may not be completely original songs, but they are completely original renditions and transformations. I have only really heard "Who's that Lady" and "Tell Me Something Good" in their original versions before, but they have definitely undergone amazing mutations to become these warped, otherworldly-classic rock/psychedelic creations.

"Me and Mrs. Jones" is by far my favorite track on here, though. As I mentioned to a friend, it reminds me of basking in the smoke of a seedy Japanese café during the eighties, hearing it performed among a scattering of sunflowers. This album is really just beautiful in every way.

01 I've Done It All
02 Fly By Night (Written-by Geddy Lee, Neil Peart)
03 Achram, Slow That Speed Boat Down
04 Midnight At The Oasis (Written by David Nichtern)
05 Gary Had Sex
06 Sweet City Woman (Written by Rich Dodson)
07 I'm Gonna Die Tomorrow
08 Who's that Lady (Written by Chris Jasper, Ernie Isley, Marvin Isley, O'Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley)
09 Cook Ya Homos
10 Love Train (Written by Gamble & Huff)
11 Caco Demons
12 Malika
13 Radar Love (Written by Barry Hay, George Kooymans)
14 My Sperm
15 Brandy (Written by Elliot Lurie)
16 Canadian Dave
17 Tell Me Something Good (Written by Stevie Wonder)
18 Desperado
19 Me And Mrs. Jones (Written by Cary Gilbert, Gamble & Huff)
20 Ha Ha

we both know that it's wrong

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  1. Good choice. I have "Torch of the Mystics". good band!