Anouar Brahem Trio - Astrakan Café

2001; 14 tracks
Here is a Tunisian collaborative release under the name Anouar Brahem Trio, which features the master oud (lute-like string instrument) player Anour Brahem accompanied by Barbaros Erköse on the clarinet and Lassad Honsi on both the bendir (Arabic frame drum) and darbouka (goblet drum).  

Astrakan Café is a deeply meditative release. As it dreamily floats among textures hinting at neo-classical and jazz, this caravan meditatively and elegantly re-imagines Arabic music.

01 Aube Rouge À Grozny
02 Astrakan Café Part
03 The Mozdok's Train
04 Blue Jewels
05 Nihawend Lunga
06 Ashkabad
07 Halfaouine
08 Parfum De Gitane
09 Khotan
10 Karakoum
11 Astara
12 Dar Es Salam
13 Hijaz Pechref
14 Astrakan Part 2


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