Satan Panonski - Nuklearne Olimpijske Igre

1990; 24 tracks
This is the second album by the highly interesting character Satan Panonski, or Ivica Čuljak, a Croatian punk icon. In 1977 at the age of 17 a wave of radical changes, both political and musical, found him in his village of Vinkovci, Croatia. In 1980, he became the singer of the punk band Pogreb X before moving on to write his own songs and start his punk project under the name Satan Panonski. Apparently he stayed in a Lipovican correctional home for three months to avoid military service, as well as pay his dues to the law, before being transferred to an asylum close to his hometown in 1977. Also apparently, he was killed as a soldier in war in 1992...

It's crazy and good.


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