Scrawl - Velvet Hammer

1993; 12 tracks
Scrawl was an underrated grunge/shoegaze (I have no idea) three-piece band from Ohio formed in the late 80s by Marcy Mays (guitar, vocals), Sue Harshe (bass, vocals), and Dana Marshall (drums). I'm pretty sure they were discovered by Steve Albini, and their first show was a 20-minute opening for the Meat Puppets. Scrawl were active throughout the 90s, and Velvet Hammer was the band's fourth full-length. It is a simple, emotional record, containing an atmosphere potentially that of a "coming-of-age" story. I don't know. It's a river full of stories that I could relate to.

do you wanna scream?
do you wanna take a swing?

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  1. Thank you. I was looking for this to make a mixtape for me and my friends - we're going to Shellac's ATP in the UK, November 2012, and some of the bands we're not at all familiar with. Scrawl is one of those. You have a nice blog. Best wishes ~ chris