let the right one in

this is honestly the most beautiful film i have ever seen. every single shot is a literal work of art. the film is sparsely decorated in both sound and movement, which makes for a more organic experience of the characters, colors, setting, and story. it is a swedish film, so the language of the characters plays an unusually important role, at least for me, who understands none of its soft-spoken, gentle sounds. the two main characters of this film, a young boy and a young girl, are just the most incredible things to watch on film. they are flawless pieces of innocence, and the both of them make you smile as much cry. they both hide inside themselves a darkness which can only be shared between them, and although they are young, there is a timeless suffering presented with their current life situations. in this film you can feel such a shimmering energy pulsating through the setting (Blackeberg, Stockholm), as if it was a wintry being who breathes smoke with each shifting minimal shot. don't get me wrong, there are several horrifying occurrences which take place, a lot of blood, a lot of death. but it's still beautiful, still satisfying in some darkly aesthetic way. there was an american remake of this film (let me in), but it is pretty much a shot-for-shot redundancy, containing a fraction of a fraction of the original beauty. i don't understand why they had to remake something that is already perfect... especially only two years after its release. in any case, i cannot find enough words to tell you how much this film changed my idea of what pure, infinite loveliness is, so that is all.

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