White Suns - Waking in the Reservoir

2011; 7 tracks

White Suns is a Brooklyn, NY-based noise trio. Theirs is a chaotic, angry, yet uplifting noise. Holy and untouchable, or something. On their last.fm, one person says, "Lightning Bolt meets Slint?"

Here is a quote by Kevin Barry, guitarist and vocalist in White Suns:

"I don't identify with the shut-your-eyes-and-pretend-nothing-is-happening mindset, like the chillwave bullshit going on right now. We live in NYC, where there's homeless people facing tough times making ends meet, and the economy is shitty. For someone to sit in their room and make bedroom pop music that isn't about anything outside of some girl who doesn't like them, I think that's irresponsible when you have a large audience."

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