Pain Teens - Destroy Me, Lover

1993; 10 tracks

For the first post of February, here is Destroy Me, Lover, one of the final full-lengths recorded by the Houston, Texas experimental noise rock band Pain Teens. Pain Teens formed in 1985 by Bliss Blood and Scott Ayers, and Bliss sings on nearly every track. She reminds me of Jarboe (Swans), but for some reason I feel like she would do well singing for Electric Wizard or something. She also has some Lady Gaga moments (that's not a bad thing!) Her menacing low female voice that I love so much - that's what makes this album, for me. Not to mention the incredibly heavy and distorted guitars, and just everything. Um.

I really, really feel like Destroy Me, Lover is what I've been searching for for a long time. I love this album on such a level that I didn't even know I could even feel something this strong. Well, yes I am being quite serious.


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