Ali Jihad Racy - Mystical Legacies

1997; 10 tracks
This recording features performer, composer, and scholar Ali Jihad Racy accompanied by percussionist Souhail Kaspar performing ten excerpts from a live concert at the 1993 Los Angeles Festival on August 21. Here these two master artists perform at a high level of saltanah, namely the creative state that inspires musicians to evoke tarab, of "musical ecstasy" within the initiated listeners. Performed on a variety of string, wind, and percussion instruments, the content illustrates the traditional textures, timbres, embellishments, and melodic and rhythmic modes of traditional Arab music. It also includes improvisations and interpretations of works by Racy and other composers.

My favorite instrument that they use is called a buzuq, which is a long-necked lute with metallic strings, much like a guitar but with a more resonant sound. I found this a beautiful recording of musicians becoming so involved with the instruments they play it is if they are one.

01 Sufi Medley
02 Taqasim And Sama'i Bayyati Al-'Arayan
03 Moorish Impressions
04 Taqasim And Dama'i Nahawand Racy
05 Themes of Yearning
06 Strumming Magic
07 Enchanting Beauty
08 Taqasim Hiljaz
09 Saba Medley
10 Breeze of Nostalgia


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