Mi Ami - Steal Your Face

2010; 6 tracks

It is thundering outside...

Oh yeah, this album is so so so so so so so so goddamn incredible. Honestly. It is energetic and all over the place, pulsating with some indefinable, attractive chaos. The frantic sounds edge around psychedelia and a constant, steady beat keeps it moving. The vocals, which by the way are unforgettable, reminded me of Les Georges Leningrad. They're the kind that grate against your ears but leave you begging for more.

Mi Ami is a San Francisco-based noise rock/experimental trio founded in 2007. They've been releasing EPs and 12"'s since 2008, and Steal Your Face is their second album of three (the latest one being from 2011). Fuck everything else on your to-do list today or lack thereof and listen to this album now.

Something else that I admire about this band. They have very nice track names which are ordered in such a way that they seem to... need each other...? lkdwnn told me about this, so thanks @ him.

01 Harmonics (Genius of Love)
02 Latin Lover
03 Dreamers
04 Secrets
05 Native American (Born in the U.S.A.)
06 Slow

* Listen

* Download link taken down upon request.

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