Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - Pink

1979; 7 tracks

I'm having a lot of trouble believing this came out in 1979. Nothing comes even close to the sheer corrosiveness of their sound. I am really in love, and I don't care how many times I say that.

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks was a post-punk/new wave/experimental noise band from New York active during the last few years of the 70s, founded by James Chance and Lydia Lunch.

Pink, or the band's self-titled EP, combines material from two of their preceding EPs: Orphans (1978), and Baby Doll (1979) with two tracks from a live recording of the band in the fall of 1977 (now to be found on the release Live At Max's Kansas City 1977).

It's all very, very short. Their entire discography is a little over 18 minutes. I like it that way, however. Succinct brutality is the sweetest.

gnaw my ankles and gnaw my bones

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