Xrin Arms - Scumbag Summer Mixtape

2011; 15 tracks

this is... quite possibly... no... without a doubt... the greatest... rap mixtape... of all.... time....

if there was ever a way in heaven or hell that i could have sex with this i would. i love the rapping, i love the beats, i love the lyrics, i love the track names, i love their voices i love their randomness i i i


01 Toxic Dreaming
02 Lucifer's Helm
03 Peyote Buttons (featuring p.WRECKS)
04 Purple Aura (featuring p.WRECKS)
05 We Are Nightmares (featuring p.WRECKS)
06 Cactus Juice Bloodtype
07 Virgin Hologram
08 Under Rocks (featuring AZl, Tahkid)
09 Busted Shutters (featuring K. Clifton, p.WRECKS)
10 Wasteland (featuring Guttah Face)
11 Intimate Reflection
12 Bright Lights (Guide Me)
13 Xenia Washington
14 Eyes Of The Shitstorm (featuring p.WRECKS)
15 Buzzard Feathers

psychedelic rap coffin

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