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I am not going to provide download links from this point on, with the occasional exception, due to their presently nefarious nature.

WITH THAT SAID, I have some new music to share with you.

Wipers - "Youth of America" from Youth of America (1981)

I've been really digging this song, which comes off of the band's 1981 album of the same name, a mix of punk rock, grunge, and post-punk. Wipers is from Portland, Oregon, and they have released a number of albums during their active years, which were mainly during the late 70s and 80s. So far, I am thoroughly addicted to Youth of America.

My Autumn Empire - "Hatchlings" from The Village Compass (2010)

This is the final track off of this one-man acoustic indie/folk project My Autumn Empire's latest album, The Village Compass. Click here for a link to purchase as well as more information on his work.

50 Ways to Kill Me - "Put a Bullet in My Brain" from Fun Funeral (2006) 

So yeah. 50 Ways to Kill Me is the cybergrind/suicidepop project by Jay Decay, and Fun Funeral was released 06/06/06.

Grimes - "Genesis" from Visions (2012) 

I am just finding about Grimes, the dreampop/pop whatever girl Clair Boucher from Canada, and this is a track from her latest album Visions. I do not dislike her music, but I am not super in love with it. This song, however, is one of my favorites atm. Enjoy.

Steaming Coils - "Proposed Pink City" from Sometimes Live 

Here is the amazing band Steaming Coils performing this song live at the Covergirl Club in 1988. So FUCKING obsessed with not only this band but also this song. ❤

Roky Erickson - "The Times I've Had" from The Holiday Inn Tapes (1987) 

I just love this song. A friend of mine said that every so often when he feels empty he listens exclusively to Roky Erickson, and then when he feels like he is full, he will wait to listen to him until he is empty again. I don't know, I thought it was quite sweet.

Upsidedown Cross - "Redrum" from Upsidedown Cross (1991) 

Reeeedruuuum. This is one of my favorite songs off of one of my favorite albums. Upsidedown Cross was the first album by the doom punk/sludge band Upsidedown Cross, who formed out of the ashes of Kilslug and contain members of Dinosaur Jr. and Kilslug. I loooove it.

Okay, that seems to be enough songs for right now. I recommend getting all of these albums, and if you have trouble finding anything send me an email, but I don't suspect you will if you are perseverant enough. 

p. s.

Album of the year/century: Vampire Rodents - Lullaby Land

Artists to check out:
P. Miles Bryson
J. Mascis
The Bran Flakes
Paco Sala
Freshly Wrapped Candies
MF Doom
St. Vincent

Here is Garrick Ohlsson performing the third movement of Frédéric Chopin's Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor, Op. 58. I am absolutely in love with the part that starts right at 2:29 - it is honestly the most beautiful thing you will ever hear in your lifetime. :')

Disfigured Robot Child new album ERR0R is halfway up on their bandcamp.

Very nice nighttime noise.

You're here to entertain the Suit's kids, and that's IT. 
That's going to change, isn't it, boys and girls?

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