Mix No. 17 - why won't you let me eat you?

01 Les Rallizes Dénudés - 恋の物語 
02 Odd Nosdam - 11th Ave. Freakout Pt. 2 
03 Fu Manchu - Strolling Astronomer 
04 p.Wrecks & Xrin Arms - Narcoleptic Scene (feat. Guttah Face) 
05 Wipers - No Fair 
06 Karp - We Ate Sand 
07 DJ Clent - Forever Mane 
08 Nisennenmondai - Ikkkyokume 
09 Dinosaur Jr. - Quest


- Les Rallizes Dénudés track taken from France Demo Tape, 88-89. This is all of the information I have regarding the track title: 恋の物語 88 win-89 spr : ST, meaning it was recorded 3/29/89 in the studio.
p.Wrecks & Xrin Arms taken from here, which I highly recommend you check out.
- DJ Clent track taken from here.
- Dinosaur Jr. track taken from Get Me EP (1992).


  1. i love yr blog. dont you have any mixcloud account? so people can stream yr mixtape when they want :)
    anyways, ill download at home. thanx!

  2. hmmm no i do not have an account there, i've never even heard of it. but it sounds interesting!! thank you :3 i hope you enjoy it.

    personally, i think this is my fucking masterpiece.

  3. if I can say this to you, I say go for it & set up your account there. I'm listening now and it's wonderful. congratulations! btw im mixcloud.com/redufit