i really despise black metal elitists, and for the record any typical, artless fan will make me cringe as well. whoever or whatever that entails, i don't really mind. i am against you all.

there is really no one i can talk to about music because it has, finally, dawned on me that it should be a solely personal experience, to engage with music. when others try to convey to me their experiences everything is lost, and the same is true if i attempt to share my love for a song, an album, an artist, even a particular second at the end of a track. an offhand remark, a circumstantial little moment in time that only i would find the words to call special. special to whom? does it even really matter? it is a little easier on the internet because words are all you have, really, and written words are far emptier than spoken ones, but i think music exists outside of words, outside of labels. many have said that before of course, but to actually take that sentiment to heart, to apply it to routine thought, is an entirely other matter.

listening: GZA/Genius - Liquid Swords & new Alcest album. nostalgic, boring, pretty.

happy endings are a myth, designed to make us feel better
about the fact that life is just a thankless struggle.


  1. music is indeed highly subjective experience, however, because of this the expression of feelings regarding a piece of music or an album or whatevs is still extremely valuable. but perhaps less as an insight into what's the album is all about, but more as another piece of the puzzle that the person expressing these feelings is. when you say you love something (say, a piece of art of sumsort, not a person), it might not say that much about the thing in question (we have objective descriptions for that, though, at least some), but it does say something about you :>

    I follow this place anonymously, because I've found some of the bits of music posted here quite enjoyable (surprising, eh?), so that's where I come from, if it matters at all.

  2. hi. your comment sort of made sense. what's so important about the object anyway? chuck palahniuk said something once - the beauty of art is often more about the frame than the artwork itself. the frame could possibly be our subjective experience of it, projected into the world in the form of opinions, influenced expression, mere words...

    not really sure where i'm going with this. i give up.

    glad to hear you find bits of music posted here quite enjoyable.