Kolya - Kolya

2001; 10 tracks

That cover reminds me of a certain Slowdive cover... forgetting the name at the moment.

Kolya were a midwest band who created this full-length and two EPs in the late 90s/early 00s. As stated elsewhere (just, elsewhere), it's a Slint-inspired band in terms of instrumentation and delivery, for sure. To me, however, there is another undefinable quality to Kolya I don't really find in Slint. There are the same narrative-type vocals but there is also passion, rage, urgency. Think La Dispute - truly moving delivery of lyrics. "Astronaut" is pretty, reminds me a lot of Polvo, and the last two tracks are absolute perfection.

Edit: "Horizon," the final track, is the epitome of post-hardcore perfection

uncertainty is not too easily shaken

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