Mix No. 16 - G.Y.K.F.A. (grab your knees fall asleep)

01 Six Finger Satellite - White Queen to Black Knight
02 DJ Scotch Egg - Extract the Marrow
03 Steaming Coils - Intents and Purposes
04 魏如萱 - 我在想唱一首歌
05 Mr. Epp & the Calculations - Acceptance 2
06 cLOUDDEAD - Electricity, Metal, and Water Never Mix
07 The Fugs - CIA Man


- DJ Scotch Egg track is an excerpt from a live session recorded in 2006 in a corridor outside the Subcity studio in the John McIntyre Building for ASCII.
- Steaming Coils track recorded live 3/14/87 at the Lhasa Club in Los Angeles.
- Mr. Epp track recorded live at the Metropolis 8/12/83.
- The title of 魏如萱's track means "I want to sing a song" in Chinese, but she is from Taiwan. My attempt at an English translation:

"These days I have a steady job but when there is little love it is very easy to find life empty.

Cooking is the same as falling in love, like different ingredients with different tastes.

Your taste buds are keen senses that emerge from the taste that will make you nostalgic.

Madame, how much?

Wow, you can see what other people are thinking!
What are you thinking?
I was just thinking of a song...
Do you want to sing for me?"

- cLOUDDEAD track extracted from the closer on their 2004 album Ten.

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