when you meet someone in real life and try to explain to them the music you like

you probably shouldn't mention have a nice life or the word "noise rock" or even the word "fuzzy"

you probably shouldn't try to explain how you like music that is very sad and possibly suicidal... then you just get a fucking weird look from them

no actually fuck you you don't know anything


  1. I have the same problem every time. I end like, "uh, yes, I like, erm, Coldplay". Well, I don't, but people usually find that uninteresting enough.

  2. nooo if you tell people you like Coldplay they will never take you seriously again.

  3. When asked what music I like I'm inclined to say that I don't like music (not entirely untrue.)

    A much younger me once said to a girl that Sublime were a "solid band." Although she was convinced by my sincerity I still hate myself. (For saying anything upbeat about Sublime, not about my deceit.)

    More recently a happy looking young fellow in the music store asked me what sort of music I played while I was buying strings. I answered that I didn't play so much as watch and wait for them to decay. He was also convinced by my sincerity.

  4. I said it merely as a nonsensical means to not talk about music but there's a definite connection between drones and decay. Essentially the instrument is playing itself, it's like instrument worship to a certain extent. Giving enough time to hear the application of layers and filters to a synth or the decay and rebirth of new sound through feedback of just standing in front of a really loud amp with a guitar. There's a certain reverence to it.

    When you think about it though, you're notes per dollar ratio with drone and ambient music is pretty awful. Yngwie's note per dollar rate would be much higher; horrible sounding notes for sure, but value for money.