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If you didn't know, Why? is an incredible band.

I have been a huge fan of theirs for almost 5 years, which for an 18-year old seems like forever.

A lot of people dismiss them as hipster garbage, but these are people who have listened to either 1-2 songs or none at all. Every time. The truth is, Why? are lyricists and musicians who thrive and produce meaningful expression on the furthest existing plane from pretentiousness. On this plane, the foliage is greener than all of Ireland's hues mixed on an astronomical pallet, and the rain is a collection of unsaid words and unused thoughts captured in millions of tiny speech bubbles.

In a word: paradise.

The day when I will grow tired of Yoni Wolf's nasal voice spitting out his inner thoughts like blood pouring from a writer's pen will never come, I am sure of this as I am sure the sun will rise tomorrow. Pretty sure. His words and his tiny orchestrations have followed me in my life only as unfailingly as a blue sky, and even then I can count more on him.

The first time those lyrics made sense to me all those years ago, made my mind explode in wonder at the utterly perfect juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated pictures and emotions, made me smile or cry or painfully remember, haven't lost a single dripping ounce of their meaning. The same exact tears shed all those years ago are easily shed again, the same feelings resurrected only in the memory called to life by the same exact progression of notes and sounds and words.

All of those rooms in my house I spent feeling this or that, all of those thoughts that sped through my head, in and out and in and out into oblivion, all of those slants of light that hit here or there in such beauty or such ugliness.

Memories are constantly unfolding in an endless cycle of remembrance, and there are unimaginable infinities that can spark this cycle. I am sure of that now.

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