today i improvised on the piano and came out with four tracks that i cannot really describe

uploaded them to last.fm because i am awesome

listen if you're interested, or don't that is cool too


thank you if you cared at all about this blog, i have gotten many nice emails from people over the years and also some mean ones but we won't talk about those

i do not claim to have amazing music taste but i believe that it is pretty goddamn awesome

compared to the rest of the bitches

in the world

in reference to my blog, here is a fairly relevant quote~

it's too bad she won't live! but then again, who does?


  1. vagmood.blogspot.com

  2. Sorry about the blog. Mine was wiped too. I don't think I ever commented here before but I always enjoyed reading. Anyways, hopefully you'll reconsider and just keep at it. I suppose it all just points toward an inescapable futility of everything. Nevertheless, we might as well be Sisyphean I suppose.