Sloth - It's Not Our Worst A.K.A. Progression?

2000; 12 tracks

Disregard that last post. I have something worthwhile to share with you people.

Sloth is a doom/stoner metal one-man band (with various others joining in) from Cleveland, Ohio who has been releasing obscure limited releases on 7”, CD, 12”, tape, etc. since the early 2000s, and still continues to today. They've done splits with numerous bands, including Noothgrush, Corrupted, Floor, angry hate, Dot[.], Fistula, Cattlepress, Rwake, Shitstorm, CSMD, and many others.

It's Not Our Worst A.K.A. Progression? is a 2000 compilation of several of the band's splits, 7"'s, and cassettes, along with a few previously unreleased tracks.

I'm in love with it.

01 Pepper Kennan Punches Like A Girl Part 1 (Split w/ Boulder)
02 Untitled (Unreleased) I
03 Getting Ready For Christmas (It's About Malt Liquor)
04 Untitled (Joy is Gone from our Hearts)
05 Bullets (Split w/ Beauty Pageant)
06 Lice Hive (Poverty Level Gutter Swill cassette)
07 Pepper Kennan Punches Like A Girl Part 2
08 Anaconda (Answering Machine Version) (Split w/ Gob)
09 Anaconda (Split w/ Noothgrush)
10 Untitled (Unreleased) II
11 Untitled (Unreleased) III
12 Iron Larry Hogue (Exploder)


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