i'm very depressed right now

i tried to make a post earlier but i just couldn't do it

i feel like everything is falling apart

everything i love and all of the things i hoped for myself

something inside is tearing all of that down

i don't really want to read or watch anything
or talk to anyone
or think
or sleep
or go out
or practice piano

also why do i need to pee like every 5 seconds

on second thought i have this strange craving to listen to Rah Bras BITCHIN FISSURE hgngfaugdfn;ag


  1. hey, i'm an avid follower of your blog and can very much relate to the depression you're going through. i don't really have much to say that can make you feel better (though your post is over 2days old so hopefully my comment is redundant) but i can guarantee things will look up. just hang in there and keep being awesome. <3

  2. >.<

    thank you. i will definitely keep being awesome.

    also, interesting blog of yours.