Palace Brothers - There is No-One What Will Take Care of You

1993; 12 tracks

There is No-One What Will Take Care of You is the debut solo album of the (amazing) multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Charlie), in this case going under the name Palace Brothers. Playing on this album are also a few members of the band Slint.

A fragile, warbling voice rises above a field of disconsolate folky/lo-fi/post-rock textures, and century-old sadness washes in the refreshing light of dawn breaking over a high snow-tipped mountain. I found it very glorious to witness, the unfurling of this infinitely intimate album.



  1. I haven't listened to Will Oldham in ages. Despite being one of my least favourite musical configurations - that of singer and acoustic guitar - live (opening for The Dirty Three) he was something (everything) to behold.

    "Arise Therefore" is still my favourite of his. Unrelentingly brutal and dark as pitch.

  2. That makes no sense - why would it be despite them being one of your LEAST favourite? Wouldn't you not listen to something at all if you don't like it?... anyway, um, I'll check it out.