drunk off water

driving alone in the car quite often these days while listening to the greatest music this world has to offer, life is good. i'm seriously the happiest when i'm lost completely in music

so my absolute favorite album or thing in the entire world right now is this album:

LOWERCASE - kill the lights (1997)

i'm not even sure which track out of the six to share with you, each one is absolutely amazingly perfect. "slightly dazed" used to be my favorite but i think it's being overtaken by "neurasthenia" and "rare anger." i can't choose a favorite, but i will just share "slightly dazed" with you now because it is what got me hooked on this album.

"rock" music from a methodical and drone-y perspective, inspired by the likes of slint but poetically dissonant and discordant and immersive. intense. i can't think of any real comparisons. i was also obsessed with their 1999 album the going away present for a while, too, but i'm giving all of my attention nowadays to this one.

and my favorite track off of the going away present, "floodlit"

the lyrics are seriously amazing, ugh. the music fits the climactic moment so well. the chord progression might be "simple" but it's not even about being complex at all. there is a driving intensity and relentless energy that manifests itself, the lyrics and vocals only enhance this long drawn out cry of emotion or whatever. ;;

wouldn't I stand over the ocean
wouldn't I drown my soul
in the tide of your own tongue
and swallow you up whole
and the numbness that gripped me senseless
when I first tasted your kiss
has all but still remained
and it might rise slowly
but its always known that it overflows
and it subsides only when you let me go

so, more music that i've been absolutely loving lately.

SAETIA - a retrospective (2001)

this band has somehow completely eluded me for 20 long years, but no more. this album is a compilation of all their recorded songs plus some live tracks. it was also hard for me to choose my favorite song off of this to share, because there are a few i have to listen to in order or one after another because they just work that way. here are two tho

"the burden of reflecting"

"closed hands"

closed hands
open arms
hold nothing

MALADY - malady (2004)

this was the only album malady ever released, it's screamo/post-hardcore etc etc but i really enjoy it~ here's ONE of my favorite tracks off the album.



"ethics" off of this

"Success is not a triumph but a necessity. Otherwise, what story would one have to tell? There's no mistaking it. You are only rewarded for the risks you are prepared to take. Once out of context, actions become indefinable. Any will power or ambition that is brought to bear is arbitrary. There are no external, urgent necessities to justify choices of profession, hobbies, or partners; no force or coercion to render life evident. Thus, everything must come from within."


and then for a completely random guilty pleasure of sorts... i really like this song, the beat, even the video. i dunno.

things to listen to:

- john fahey
- ryuichi sakamoto
- built to spill
- elodie
- actress
- dj skrew

et alors

lost gray pictures of my past stain greener pastures of my future
so i've been making lifestyle changes, guess i'm seeing improvement or feeling it rather

these are some weird days man i'm telling you what
it's like the height of summer and i've just been straight chillin
don't even notice time passing by
some days i get barely any sleep
some days i spend all day in bed
some days i never see the sun
some days i am covered in sweat and i never want to go inside
some days i feel lonely
but most days i make myself laugh and smile randomly

when i'm high i can't stop giggling
and then when i'm not high i still can't stop laughing thinking of what i laughed at while high
hard to explain
people's faces become hilarious parodies of themselves
the choice things people say become so goddamn funny to me
everything feels so surreal
and i can't tell if i'm the one in charge of my life or what


wrote a song that i really really love. it was all recorded in one take and if i had the recording technology i would have expanded on it and made it longer or something. i was thinking of a certain person when making up the words but it's so dumb because they aren't even that same person anymore


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