Okay, I don't mean for this to turn into a gushy teenage girl blog, I really don't, but...

Oh my god. :xxxx

You know that harry potter guy I was talking about? We sort of went on a date... I think. After class today he was talking to me for a bit and I randomly asked him if he has a car. He said YES and then I asked if he could possibly drive me to the mall (there is a post office in there) so I can drop off a birthday present I have for my friend. He agrees to do it, so I get the package, and we walk to his car which is an '86 Celebrity (I'd never heard of it either) and it doesn't lock. I put my stuff in it and we start to drive there... and we just talk, about all sorts of things. Evil Dead 2, country music, all sorts of things. I start to open up about things that I like but I didn't say too much because it is always hard to articulate my feelings about things like that. He is a really intelligent guy, and so far I haven't found anything wrong with him. At all. He is funny, really easy to talk to, handsome, CUTE, smart, has good taste in things, tall, has a car, generally fun, generally likable, and.. yeah. I think I have a major crush on him :(

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