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hi everyone.

i hope you enjoy my latest mix, it is actually one of my favorite ones. "do it again" is like my favorite song on earth right now. fuck. it's extremely similar to the song "recommencons" by shit and shine. the album art was tricky but whatevs. the title comes from a particular translation of a particular kafka novel.

i was bored yesterday and went into a practice room and browsed through my brahms piano book and a piece caught my eye (there were many sixteenth notes and rests) - Intermezzo Op. 117, No. 2. i'm teaching it to myself. it's not the hardest thing on earth, but it will still be a challenge. it's so great to be actually excited about something again. here is what it sounds like~

there's something about the music of brahms that draws me like no other. i used to feel this way about chopin - starting a piece, especially one that i had never heard before, was always an incredible adventure. in the better pieces, there are unexpected beautiful moments that flower out of the most dreary parts. it was just fun to unearth them, i guess. but with brahms, there ARE no dreary parts. there is no guilt, and there is no shame. i am fully and completely positive that his music will always be beautiful, always be perfect, from the very first to the very last moment. it takes me about 15 minutes to get through this piece right now because i try to get every single note right, and sight-reading isn't my strongest ability. anyway. i just love traveling through those brahmsian landscapes slowly, continuously making progress until i can finally call myself finished.

in short, he gives me something to live for.

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