HTRK - Work (Work, Work) / Eat Yr Heart ♥ Sweetheart

2011; 10 tracks

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2011; 2 tracks

Listen. *

The Australia-based group HTRK's two most recent works are incredible perfection. I know I was raving about Marry Me Tonight earlier, and I'm still unsure whether I like these new works better or just the same, but it really shouldn't matter. Starting with the full-length, Work (Work, Work), there is an incredible sense of rhythm associated with it - cold atmospheres and pure, unfaltering pulsations. At odds with each other, groovy, club-like beats accompany the sexy vocals of Jonnine. Eat Yr Heart ♥ Sweetheart is three tracks ("Eat Yr Heart" also appears on Work) of a same, piercing quality. "Eva" is eerie, and "Sweetheart" is a masterpiece (it is a cover of the song by Suicide). Ugh I can't explain how much these two releases rule. Favorite tracks: "Bendin'" off of Work (Work, Work), and "Sweetheart" off of Eat Yr Heart ♥ Sweetheart.

* Download links taken down upon request.

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