Lungfish - Indivisible

1997; 11 tracks

"Eleven tracks are present on Indivisible, and five of them are instrumentals. In artwork and mood, this is very much Lungfish's 'black' album. An emotional release is frozen in the active grieving anger that is Indivisible. Sonic Youth-like, distorted but trebly guitar sounds united with a rock-and-brooding rhythm section. Lungfish's art-rock catharsis is marked by dissonance or simplicity for a melody and sparseness or heavy hurtling from drums and warm bass." - Insound

This album is indeed brooding. Someone once told me that, in the case of Lungfish, Feral Hymns was the only album I'd ever have to listen to and I'd be set. I love love love that album, but I only recently realized how foolish it was for me to not try any other albums. I've been listening to this album for the past few days and can say it is quickly becoming almost level with Feral Hymns. I included that description (^) in order to describe the sound, for it is very true, but there is something even -more- to Indivisible. It is very brooding and dark, rhythmic though not unmelodic, slow and plodding at times, and even at the faster parts it is never more than walking-pace. These 11 tracks are highly meditative, as I have come to realize is quite common in all of Lungfish. They are energetic but at the same time laid-back. Repetitive but never old, it is custom for them to play one riff throughout the duration of a track. There is something liberating about this technique of Lungfish's that is unprecedented in the world of indie rock (or whatever you'd like to call this). This album was fantastic and I am never again going to listen to one album from a band and assume the rest isn't as good... and even if it's true, why not try >.>



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