Jhonn Balance

February 16, 1962 - November 13, 2004

In rememberance of a very special man who died 6 years ago today... here are some pieces of music that were played at his funeral, in the order they were played.

Rest in peace, Geff.

1. John Tavener - The Protecting Veil
2. Coil - The Dreamer is Still Asleep
3. Jane Siberry - The Valley
4. Are You Being Served? Theme (Original)
5. Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight - At First She Starts
6. Coil - Batwings (A Limnal Hymn)
7. Johnny Cash - We'll Meet Again
8. Henry Mancini - Arabesque

It just is.

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  1. Oh fabby! I posted this compilation originally :-D
    So nice to see it here, in what is a most lovely and promising blog. xx