Killing Joke - MMXII

2012; 10 tracks
This is proof, purely, that good music can still be made today. You just have to look around a bit.

Killing Joke, a near-legendary English post-punk/new wave band, have been releasing music fairly consistently for almost three decades. I do not know of the quality of all of these releases, and to be honest I have never listened to them much before right now (as in, TODAY), but I am amazed at the beauty and quality of this music, especially considering the year it was released.

In any case, here is my absolute favorite song off of the track, "In Cythera" - it could have been released in 1984, maybe, although some metal/industrial elements in it might give away the age a little. I just really like this.

If you want the whole album, try this.

I've seen you, in a dream 
On a sunny day, where the skies are clear

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