Puka Puka Brians - Love Warrior

2001; 25 tracks
This is the fourth album by Majikick label's Puka Puka Brians, the brainchild of Japanese musician and songwriter Ueno Takashi (or Takashi Ueno), along with the addition of several other members (including his wife). With influences in the likes of Frank Zappa and other experimental rock artists, this is a very unique release. Takashi is also one half of the husband-wife duo Tenniscoats, but there are hardly any similarities between the two bands.

The vocals are hard to describe, and while they are sometimes off-key, sometimes unrecognizable, they are still very well-paired with the music. Using various instruments and nearly no consistent structure, Puka Puka Brians have created a diverse set of tracks varying in style, rhythm, and nearly all else. Love Warrior starts off with "Love Warrior," a really awesome track with a cool riff. I can't think of what else to say right now, but I really enjoyed this.

"... Allegedly, 'puka puka' is Japanese slang for floating, and 'Brians' refers to Brian Jones, the Rolling Stone who drowned."
the spinning musical instruments are multiplying

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