The Chameleons - Script of the Bridge

1983; 12 tracks

Script of the Bridge is a stunningly dark and beautiful album that explores many different moods and feelings. The more upbeat songs remind of The Cure's early efforts, although songs like "Don't Fall" and "Paper Tigers" shed some of the unabashed post-punk aggression and gothic atmosphere found on those albums in favor of warmer feelings and emphasis on beautiful melodies and soundscapes. Fielding and Smithies masterfully craft beautiful textures that envelop the listener in a dreamy wall of sound, while Burgess delivers a vocal performance that ranges from passionate to desperate as necessary. Alistair Lewthwaite provides a final touch, tastefully played keyboards that add another dimension to the album. Overall, the band is very tight and they really play well together.

Script of the Bridge is a much overlooked album that is an essential part of the British post-punk movement. You can still hear the impact of The Chameleons in many newer bands even today, but they have yet to be equaled at their craft. It's not just a trick of the light. This album is an absolute classic that is not to be missed. - Implications.

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