call me when your heart is empty

summer summer summer
l'été l'été l'été

it's so hot i could die
life is going by so slowly
but not in such a bad way

music is there
reaching out to me
taking its time
and i am taking mine too

it's a wonderful feeling
to be completely
weightless in this season
of warmth, emptiness
and satisfaction

darkness is not welcome here
light and the shelter from it
neither hurt me
or make me feel less than


the random music, as always

songs: ohia - "being in love" from the lioness

jóhann jóhannsson - "odi et amo" from englabörn

dean blunt - "the redeemer" from the redeemer

bright - "lake killala" from point

plvs vltra - "parthenon" from parthenon

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