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i cannot stop listening to abner jay. especially his albums true story of abner jay, one man band, and the last minstrel man. here is one of my favorite songs of his right now. hopefully it will give you a sense of what his sound is all about. it's imperfect storytelling that in turn makes it absolutely perfect in every way.

"St. James Infirmary Blues"



another thing that is possibly the most amazing thing in the world to me right now. RAVEL. oh, how did you guess? his string quartet, in particular. it's just literally the most perfect thing on this planet. here is the second moooovement just to give your earholes a taste of the gorgeousity.

String Quartet in F Major, II. Assez vif - très rythmé 


 i love Ivo Pogorelich. i have had a recording of the complete works for piano by Ravel on my computer ever since i started this blog and never knew who the pianist was until i did some searching on youtube last week and found out they are indeed Pogorelich. i mean, who else can play this "Ondine," in the top five most difficult piano pieces ever written, half as well as him? i don't hear it, i mean truly hear it, unless it is being played by him. that goes just the same for all of the other Ravel works he's done... i am just really infatuated! oh noes!

Gaspard de la Nuit, I. Ondine



this is a song most people might think is "ugly." i just can't disagree more. doc corbin dart was a member of the punk band the crucifucks, with whom i am not that familiar, and i'm not even really that familiar with his solo work either apart from this album (patricia) but whatever this song is really great




some black metal that i am re-discovering my love for. it is a fucking intensely beautiful track by the german black metal band luror (from album cease to live).

"Already Dead" 


some REALLY really really hardcore dubstep that i'm also obsessed with. this is by shekel, an israel-based dubstep/filthstep artist, and this is off his mindblowing groundbreaking EP mind fragments. it's definitely my favorite track, and every time i listen to it i notice even more levels of amazing grotesqueness. clips are from the EVIL DEAD movie (original) btw.

 "Number of the Beast" 

and here is me trying to explain something that is impossible to explain. i cut my hair all short all by myself aren't it wunderful


also obsessed with:
Stravinsky - Le Sacre du Printemps (Joffrey Ballet version)
Beethoven - Sonata No. 15 (Holy. Fucking. Shitszu.)
Matthew Gregory Lewis - The Monk (hilariously inaccurate yet really well-written)
learning Chinese disliking school

Where is music actually going? 
Where has it arrived?

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