i love you

it's late, i'm in my freezing cold dorm room, i am eating chips, i am listening to lungfish, i am wearing thigh high socks, and a grey and white striped sweater, my head is empty but i want to type words

it smells like really cheap de-oderizing spray in this room thanks to my roommate who obviously has no taste in smells, which is funny to say because how can you have a taste in smells

i started reading moby dick and only 29 pages in i am convinced it is the pinnacle of prose

i am in love with this book, everything surrounding it

i want to go to the ocean, i want to sleep on a boat for once in my life

I try all things. I achieve what I can.


  1. Love Moby Dick too.
    Taught me what grey amber is :P

  2. had to write something, just to remark I bounced here now, somehow. well, I did.
    I want to go to the ocean too.

    1. well thank you so much for indicating your presence. it makes me happy.