The For Carnation - Promised Works & Self-titled

Promised Works

1997; 9 tracks

This is a compilation of the band's first two releases, Fight Songs (EP, 1995) and Marshmallows (1996).

The For Carnation

2000; 6 tracks


Out of the ashes of Slint, a Louisville, Kentucky post/math rock band with a somber disposition, there arose The For Carnation. It was created by Slint's vocalist, Brian McMahan, whose melancholic and achingly cute and sexy voice (to me) pervade the glorious, sonic landscapes. Sometimes jazzy, sometimes slow and sad, sometimes upbeat and sludgy, The For Carnation plow on in unfaltering assurance. Imagine an old-fashioned train, endlessly circling around some distant planet or moon, far off in space where no eye has ever seen. It has been happening for as long as time, maybe longer, and it will continue forever, unnoticed. Listening to this band makes me feel as if I'm observing this train's movements from a distance, captivated by such fearless monotony.

I apologize for lousy album covers, and also THANK YOU to Selim for turning me on to these guys. Get the self-titled first, if you're unsure. The first track, "Emp. Man's Blues," is a portrait of perfect solitude.

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