Slim Twig - Contempt!

2009; 12 tracks

Contempt! is the debut, full-length album from Slim Twig, a self-made exercise in resourcefulness where Slim experimented with whatever he could get his hands on. It leans decidedly towards an innovative pop sound that places sampling and found sound firmly at its core. The result, pairing the artist’s 'switchblade-sharp lyrics' (NOW Magazine) with a rawer, sample-based aesthetic, is unpredictable and highly original. Beyond the attempt to move away from a conventional guitar and drum-based set up, the project is Slim’s reconciliation of his obsession with early 90s New York hip hop and the rockabilly-inflected persona that he has already cultivated. Think of it as ‘Elvis lost in the 36 Chambers’, fighting through lyrics that evoke dark, fragmented images and depraved characters.


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