dredg - Leitmotif

2001; 10 tracks

dredg have been one of my all-time favorite bands for a while, but this is mainly due to their second album, El Cielo. Now that I think about it, Leitmotif, their first full-length album, is much more experimental and raw in sound. Check here for some very interesting takes on the various concepts of Leitmotif.

"Leitmotif is based on a story written by the bassist Drew Roulette in which a man with a spiritual disease looks at different cultures around the world in search of a cure. The story is included with the album, but it would probably not be too difficult to find it online. The album is generally considered to be progressive alternative, a fitting label. The instrumentation is very simple - one of the things I really enjoy about the album. Any of these songs would be easy to learn and preform, and most of them stick to generic rock instruments. Yet, the sometimes Eastern or jazz-influenced music is engaging, catchy, and dynamic. Occasionally we see other instruments making their way in, including a cello, synthesizer, and theremin."

"'We decided to call this release Leitmotif because we wrote our music based upon the adventures of a wise man who traveled around the world to become a pure soul.' These travels are outlined within the liner notes of the album. The story focuses on a man visited by a spirit who tells him he has a moral disease and must travel the world on a quest for higher spirituality. If he succeeds, he will evolve; if he fails, he will die. Ultimately, the character learns to put faith in the religion found in the spiritual awakening of humankind, rather than buy into the religion of commerce and greed. The result of Leitmotif's explorative, experimental union of music and text is a mystical sound odyssey."

We live like penguins in the desert. Why can't we live like tribes?

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