Cherubs - Heroin Man

1994; 13 tracks

The more I listen to this album, the more I adore it. Cherubs is a Texas-based noise rock band from the 90s whose name is a deceptive look into the nature of their sound. They create a tasteful mix of blistering vocals/harsh noise and garage-esque punk rock, rendering Heroin Man, the band's second and final full-length effort, a work of phenomonal noise rock.

"Stag Party" is the GREATEST opening track I have ever heard. In my life. I cannot stop listening to this album. I downloaded it about 2 years ago apparently (long story) due to a recommendation from Phonsie, of all people. He went through this crazy noise/math rock phase and I wanted to copy him but couldn't quite get into it at the time (Shellac, Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Arab on Radar, etc.) Well, now I am, so... yay.



  1. Thanks for uploading this, couldn't find it on iTunes. Good quality too! I know its sappy but Dave of the Moon made me cry the first time I heard that chorus. Never experienced that so immediately with a song before. His voice sounds like he's being throttled.

  2. ooh, scary. i wish the last 3 minutes example maiden japan/devil food would loop endlessly forever. GREAT STUFF