Atari Teenage Riot - Delete Yourself!

1995; 12 tracks

My friend told me about Atari Teenage Riot today and I didn't think anything of it - I actually thought it was like a Japanese punk band or something. But I got this album and found it to be very well put-together and highly enjoyable.

Atari Teenage Riot is a "digital hardcore"/punk-inspired breakcore from Berlin, formed in 1992. They remind me of a mix of Blood Freak, Venetian Snares, Rancid... maybe even Katharsis. There is plenty of amazing breakbeats, power electronics, funny samples, cute female vocals, punk male vocals, fast-paced punk riffs, and more... This is just a really fucking cool album that I think I'm addicted to now. w00t for anarchy.

I would die for peanut butter.

Life is like a video game with no chance to win.

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