there, over there...

alive, it is i

transformations undergone, i have

happened, things did.


i have come to quite enjoy the taste of coffee, masked with sugar or milk of course but not heavily so. the coffee taste still needs to be there for it to have any meaning.

people fascinate me but i do not spend time being fascinated with them. they are like pretty, revolving metallic things hanging from a ceiling in a museum. a whole labyrinth of these sculptures. some repulse me.

you can't be easily lured, easily fooled, easily made into a fool. you just can't afford to let that happen to you. right? so stop letting it happen!


god music is the strongest and most pure form of hopeful wandering i've ever discovered

it the most holy and sacred salvation to ever be offered to me


the pleasure is all mine
to finally let go

björk - "aurora" (vespertine, 2001)

a tribe called quest - "buggin out" (the low end theory, 1991)

*shels - "the conference of the birds" (sea of the dying dhow, 2007)

elliott smith - "between the bars" (either/or, 1997)

drake - "over my dead body (feat. chantal kreviazuk") (take care, 2011)

some random songs i have come to love a lot.

looking hard for moments of shine

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